status / / school project
year / / 2014
location / / Kaivopuisto park, Helsinki, Finland
typology / / assembly hall
built area / / 110 m2
client / / -
author / / Jakub Hoffmann

The task was to design a new assembly hall for the museum of finnish architecture. Proposed building is situated in Kaivopuisto park next to the historic vila at Puistokatu 4 in southern Helsinki. This building serves as an office, assembly building and storage for needs of Museum of Finnish architecture. There was a need for more public-like building in which lectures, workshops and other public events can be held. My design is based on historical motive of pitched roof which is so typical for historical Finnish architecture. This motive is pushed forvard to more contemporary - like form. Building is divided into two parts - service part and the assembly hall. This volumes can be easily distinguished from outside. The most significant element of glazed volume of assembly hall are moveable shutters, which can provide different kinds of atmosphere inside the building as well as create a semi-covered terrace outside the building.