status / / competition / 2nd prize
year / / 2015
location / / Orestad, Copenhagen, Denmark
typology / / public space / renovation
area / / -
client / /
author / / Alexandra Hoffmannová

The aim of the project was to come with an intervention that would create a special identity for the place, something that is easily memorable, site specific and creates new destination . When looking at the site, first thing that comes to an attention is the bridge for metro, which, right now, creates not very pleasant urban space underneath. It is rather percieved as an left-over space with no possible use. This is what we would like to change in our proposal - take an advantage of what is already there and change the perception of this area in order to make a great place for gathering and community life. We approach the bridge as a base for new interventions and at the same time as a shelter that protects from bad weather. Our design is simlpy hanging from the bridge which creates the space that is impossible to repeat somewhere else. We are proposing different types of swings for each generation and huge net hanging from two bridges. The swings are sheltered by the bridge so they can be used even if the weather is bad.