status / / diploma thesis
year / / 2016
location / / Albertov, Prague, Czech republic
typology / / sports centre
built area / / -
client / / -
author / / Jakub Hoffmann

The proposal of the new sport centre tries to positively affect the appearance of the places around the building. It´s volume composed of horizontal boxes stands on the edges of the streets which are defined by surrounding buildings and also by the terrain configuration. The direction of the Horská street is straighten to naturally follow the current direction of the street between the buildings. The street profile of Horska street is changed from the route for cars to the pedestrian path which is running up the hill along the fortification towards the monastery of St. Karel and The Virgin Mary. Thanks to the front space and the terrain staircase, the Votočkova street is extended towards the fortification. It blends with park, where the green belt running around the entire Albertov Campus starts. There the paths through the nature returns to the city.