status / / under construction
year / / 2016
location / / Radnice, Czech republic
typology / / family house
built area / / 99 m2
client / / privat
author / / Alexandra Hoffmannová, Jakub Hoffmann

The family house is located in a small town Radnice in the western part of Czech republic. The site has a beuatiful view to the south and from the nord, it is protected by the steep slope. It is located in a calm pheriphery of the town. The clients, who have 3 grown-up children wished to have house, that will be comfortable enough for the old age, when they stay alone, but that will be able to welcome their large family and friends. Due to the morfology of the area, distant views from the surrounding horizons played the important role in the orientation of the building and its position on the site. The house is placed to the last emty site in a row of the existing houses, so it naturaly complements its rhytm of the orientation - eaves - gable - eaves - gable. The house is composed as a ground-floor building with an attic than can inhabit the children of clients with their families. To make the house fully served for the older age, all rooms that are necessery for the functioning of the house are located on the ground floor. The attic can be separated from the rest of the house and does not have to be heated if it is not used. The house expands to the terrace that is accesible from the living room. Two longer sides of the house are lined with porches that protect the house from the sun and rain, and at the same time it forms a covered space before the entrance. The building is designed as a prefabricated wooden structure and therefore wood plays a dominant role in the interior, where it is used for floors, wall cladding and tailored furniture. Thanks to the large windows in the southern gable, the interior has a beautiful view to the opposite horizon with a hill called Florian. In the exterior, the house features a moderate color with gray and anthracite shades that let the house naturally blend into its surroundings.